Monday, June 20, 2011

Saint Vincent's Extended Stay

This is my first post from a phone, so you will have to pardon the choppiness and brief nature of this post. This stems from me being in a truckload of abdominal pain and also that I seem to keep drifting off to sleep whenever I start typing on my phone... must... figghhhttttt.... zzzzzzz....*cough cough* mkay, I can do this!

So, for starters, my surgery yesterday ended up taking three hours. The complexities took an unexpected turn, and my doctor found some surprises. For example, I had a huge fybroid tumor on the outside of my uterus, which of course had to be removed. that left a hole to be sutured too. Also, all the organs were bright BRIGHT red! Super agitated and inflamed, so every time something got rubbed it was like torture. There were quite a few endometrial implants and a couple endometrial polyps too. And these were only the surprises on top of what already needed to be done. Not to mention everything else that was done.

Anyhow, because I am in extreme pain, and after staying two days in the hospital and my first night home, I still can't manage to sit up and do an actual post. It's not in my current ability. However, I wanted to inform people that despite things not going as smoothly as we had planned, things still went well and I am on the road to recovery. I'll post some real information and some pictures as soon as my pain is under some control. Thank you for thoughts and prayers.
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