Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Difficulties with Lupron

I know this post will be shamefully short, not nearly long enough to make up for my recent absence, but I hope to at least keep any followers I have from abandoning me! I was quite busy for a while, left on vacation, and got slammed with an overbearing fatigue and soreness this week.

At first I blamed it on asthma and the cat living where I am staying. I am rather allergic to cats, and I wanted to believe that I was just letting my asthma get to me. But I was unbelievably tired. Well, turns out I wasn't 'being a baby'.

I have been on lupron for about 8 weeks now. By now, my cycle should be mostly shut down. I bled for about 5 weeks, stopped, and have been experiencing hot flashes and mood swings and all sorts of signs saying that was the case. But yesterday, to put it as simply and cleaned up as possible, I got a very clear, heavy, red sign that my system has not shut down at all. And, though spotting is unusual but not rare at this stage, a full blown cycle is not normal at all. My doctor agreed.

So, this week has been a lot of rest, pain, resuming of percocet (which I was finally and gratefully off of a few weeks ago), and refiguring my medications. I have to stop add-back therapy (norathindrone), which means the lupron side effects are going to increase in intensity (not looking forward to the back pains) but apparently my hormones are too strong to be shut down when the add-back therapy is present. Not fun! To make matters even worse, if my menstrual system still doesn't shut down after stopping those hormones, the doctor will have to remove the IUD in my uterus. I have a lot of pelvic pain and cramping, and I was honestly sobbing for days after that was put in. I can't imagine that that was all useless and will have to be removed and done again. Most frustrating, is most women my doctors have treated with endometriosis, are fine having the IUD in with Lupron. So why do my hormones have to be so darn special?

So this week has been rather emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. Lupron isn't working properly, started a menstrual cycle (and with my body so very compromised currently, it is not handling it well), I'm extremely emotional with both menopausal and menstrual hormones battling, and I hurt all over. Doctors are concerned, family is concerned, boyfriend is concerned, and so am I.

Lessons to be learned? Lupron is not perfect. It can take a while to work when your hormones are determined. Your menstrual cycle is much more painful with Lupron. And frustration abounds with it.

The best thing about this week? My boyfriend and I played roller hockey last night to blow off some steam. I was angry and needed to vent. It hurt bad in the morning, but I've got to say, it was the most fun I've had in a while! Playing sports is more painful with endometriosis, but it gets rid of frustration and stress like nothing else. Play through the pain ladies!


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