Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prednisone can equal pneumonia...

Note: This post was imported from the original blog this site is based on. It is a personal account of my experience and is not very relevant to the current website. I have kept it out of respect to the journey that led me here. 

Dear lovely readers:

Because of a recent colitis flare up, my doc put me back on what is called a 'prednisone taper', which is when you take 3 pills of prednisone for 10 days, then 2 pills, then 1 pill of prednisone, each successive 10 days. Prednisone is a type of steroid, and steroids are used to control inflammation (the swelling in my intestine). It's a great drug for both asthma and colitis, though it actually stimulates endometrium growth and thus is not a great drug to take when having trouble with endometriosis. But as colitis is much more life threatening, it takes precedence in treatment. One really unfortunate side effect of prednisone is it depresses your immune system, making you much more susceptible to infection.

I caught a pretty nasty throat virus after my first week of steroid treatment. My throat hurt to even touch, but I didn't want to be a baby so I brushed it off. I had a high fever (for me 100* is very high--I run pretty cool, around 96) and just felt miserable. Well, finally I started coughing up blood one night I knew something was up. I went into urgent care the next morning, saw a doctor, and was informed I had pneumonia. The doctor was shocked that I had even reached a 100* fever, considering I was on prednisone and it impedes your ability to fever. I was really sick he informed me. I caught pneumonia in August! I felt reassured that I was not 'a baby' and am now convinced I have the opposite of hypochondria ha ha.

So, I am back in Portland, getting out of the air of Utah so that I can recover in peace from this disease. I'm on strong antibiotics, and even though my chest still hurts, I'd like to think it doesn't hurt quite as bad as it did. And my fevers are calming down. I am just very very tired, and wish I wasn't sick. I wish that I could go a few weeks without having something dramatic happen. And I wish I wasn't so tired. But I'm grateful for the medications out there and the medicinal help I have for all this.

Not to mention, I just started a bunch of homeopathic treatments for my endometriosis. I'll go into detail about these treatments and how they've helped, but I have completely revamped my diet and routine and I think it has been making a difference in the pain. I've been reading informative self help books for endometriosis and tweaking my diet to eliminate every negative influence I can think of. And maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get rid of this stuff...


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