Saturday, October 8, 2011

One of Those Days

Today has been a day that feels like no matter what I do, I feel wobbly, in pain, and sick to my stomach. I keep doing all sorts of things to distract me from it, but no improvement. I'm not sure what the cause is. But as I've had both a long of pelvic and intestinal cramping, I'm going with today is a double whammy of endomteriosis and colitis. It's just part of being sick--some days are going to better than others. I bathed all three dogs yesterday and did some other stuff, and I likely just did too much too soon.

However, despite my body trying to push me back into bed, and despite that being the easy way out, that is NOT the answer. The more time I spend in bed, the more miserable my time out will be. Thus, instead of lying in the fetal position with a heating pad and painkillers, I'm heading out to take my dog on a walk, and then I'm going to do yoga. Yoga is amazing for colitis, endo, and asthma. It helps with healing, circulation, breathing, etc. etc.. When I am finally finished with school and established in a career, I'm going to get certified to teach Yoga. It really is an amazing healing art and exercise.

So, no crying for me. I'm heading out while the sun is up.


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