Friday, January 27, 2012

Rest and Recover--update

[Note: This post was imported from the original blog this site is based on. It is a personal account of my experience and is not very relevant to the current website. I have kept it out of respect to the journey that led me here.]

These are my lovely healing incisions.
ps- please ignore how the roundess of my inflated belly
make it look like my pants are pulled down :P

Today marks three days after surgery (almost). Three whole days. I am doing much better than I was at this point last year, but I still sure do hurt. My incisions have bled a little and look a little bruised/scary. And my stomach is distended from inflammation, pumped in gas (for the operation) and loose blood. I look in the mirror and cannot help but think I am looking like an early pregnancy.

I cannot really muster the energy to write a well thought out and inspiring blog post today. That is not to reflect a sort of depression. I am actually feeling very positive currently. But I am extremely tired from all the energy draining my body has gone through to repair itself. I am dizzy and sleepy. I am light headed and achy. I'm easily annoyed. And I am so exhausted that I will doze off any chance I get, even in the car passenger seat (which I normally cannot do).

All things considered though, I am still recovering much better than I did last time. My last blog I listed all the contributing factors that I believe have played part in my better recovery from surgery. I won't go over those again and bore everyone! I just wanted to confirm that my healing has continued at a quicker/easier pace than my other surgeries. I have been rewarded for my diligent preparation and I am happy for that. I am going to continue doing even more experiments to better/speed up my healing, and I will post on those when I first get the chance!

As of now, I am just going to leave with a short recount of my current surgery recovery status. I can walk; very slowly, and not very far, but I can do simple things like limping up and down stairs and getting the mail. I can sit up in a chair--it kills my sliced abdominal muscles but I can! I don't need help getting dressed, can sort of open heavy doors, and can eat all normal foods again. Which I have been gorging on liberally. I can get on and off beds without help. I can prepare simple/instant meals. I am on slightly less pain killers. Most important... I can type! :)

Thank you so much for all the love and support and prayers, things went so much better than I expected!


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