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Updates--Know Your Body

[Note: This post was imported from the original blog this site is based on. It is a personal account of my experience and is not very relevant to the current website. I have kept it out of respect to the journey that led me here.]

Before I dive into this entry, I want to share an idea. When you take medication for something, it's sort of like using a sledgehammer to kill a bug. You're going to squash that bug, but in the process, you are going to wreak some serious damage. Medication that is on the market is often there because it does what it's intended to. It has passed rigorous testing, including evaluation of its risks and benefits, and it has met the standards of law for being effective. But they are sledgehammers, and we always risk serious side effects and possible damage. You can also risk missing that bug. You tear up your body trying to solve a problem and you might not even hit it. It is a risk. Unfortunately, I took that risk from Lupon and experienced some serious complications.

Besides medicine, I've been trying some wonderful 'natural' remedies and I have seen a difference. So I'm going to do the only practical thing a woman with a website can do... I'm going to share what's worked so far.

When using natural/homeopathic approaches to deal with diseases such as endometriosis or FCD, one thing to keep in mind is the difference between such treatments and modern medicine. Whereas modern medicine seeks to 'fix' something that is wrong with the body, homeopathic methods view illness simply as an unbalanced body. The goal of such medicine seeks to restore balance. And because it is restoring balance to individual bodies, each body will respond differently. Another important thing is to learn how to discern between tried/tested/peer-reviewed traditional medicines, and those with their primary claim being 'natural' or 'homeopathic'. Homeopathic does not mean it will work. It's a broad name for all sorts of remedies.

What I have done thus far is a little complicated and, to be honest, I have not always been completely steady with all my various treatments. Being committed to a treatment can be difficult when you have a lot of ups and downs. Especially ones that take a while. Sometimes I had to focus on small things like just getting out of the house. But I have tried to keep up with the big picture.

Aside from my surgery (which clearly has had an epic effect on my pain levels), I've been doing various home treatments. The surgery is obviously what made resetting my body possible, but I think it's the other treatments that are keeping it from plummeting again. The home treatments. For example, red raspberry leaf tea has been great for reducing the severity of my periods. The cramping is reduced and even the amount of blood is reduced, which is amazing. Buying the tea in bulk and soaking it in hot water in a strainer is a great method to prepare/drink it.

Here is a list of some other treatment methods I've been using: fish oil, vitamins, swimming, biking, yoga, kava (in limited amounts), all organic fruits/veges, organic dairy. yogi detox tea, and stress reduction activities.

In this past week, I have biked for hours, swam fifty laps, done yoga, relearned to juggle a soccer ball, and worked 30 hours. I am a walking, mobile, recovering individual! Around this time last year, is when I got too ill to get out of bed. An anniversary that I have not been too thrilled about. March 2011 was a horrible time. I had been sick for years, but this was unbearable. When I was in so much pain that even the slightest movement was torture. I'll admit, I still have pain. My menstrual cycles still feel like someone is trying to stab me. But they last only one week (as opposed to month(s)) and that I can still walk around even on the bad days... it is like a personal miracle.

I believe that, more than anything, the small turn around that my life has taken is evidence that you must take an active role in your health. Doctors are amazing guides that can help you figure out what your treatment options are. But it is up to you to decide which best meets your needs.

After Lupron, I will never let a doctor persuade me into a treatment again. Not only did it not work, it was definitely a sledge hammer to my body. A sledge hammer which I willingly took; a desperate action that I sincerely regret. Love your body, do what you can with it, and get to know it. Whether your struggles are endometriosis, gastrointestinal, or any of the other many diseases out there. Figure out what natural and medical treatments will work for YOU. Trust me, I would not be in the condition I am now if I had not.


  1. Such a wonderfully written blog entry! I love that you have followed the natural path! I can also recommend another herb, to explore. It is called Moringa - it is super cheap and does wonderful things for our bodies healing.
    Also, check out my blog for heaps of ideas :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the recommendation! I will have to look into that! And if you post the link I definitely will.

  2. This is an excellent post and I congratulate you on all the progress you have made. I like the sledgehammer analogy, it's so true!
    I am a naturopathic doctor and a woman with endo so I am completely in line with your approach and agree with your suggestions. If you'd like some reassurance as well as a few more ideas, check out the free recording of my teleclass at

    1. I will for sure check that out! I wish I could this moment--tomorrow for sure. The struggle with natural methods is that there is no one-all cure--it's different for everyone. I am just trying to tell people some of the things that worked for me.

      Thank you for your encouragement!


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