Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Rapidly Approaching Deadline!!

I feel as if I am on a speeding rocket ship about to collide with my own impending doom. Okay, maybe not so dramatic. In reality, I am trying to finish up some incompletes for my college coursework (I have two tests and three essays on my plate). I was done with attending school months ago, but I have some 'finishing up' to do because of all the interruptions caused by my favorite disease (I can't let it hear me talk badly about it--otherwise it might strike back at the most inopportune time, you see.). The majority of this week has consisted of a culmination of a month's preparation. That and a whole lot of stress.

What is really bizarre to me is how much more efficient I become as the deadline nears. I do not like to procrastinate, so I begin early--yet my mind is not in agreement and my attention is horrible. ADHD can actually be a really fun disorder at times, and I mean this sincerely, but when it comes to school/work it is a huge inconvenience. "I need to study parasomnias? NO WAY! We're going to learn about art perspective. Oh, wait, let's walk the dogs. I really need to play Plants Vs. Zombies." and etc.. When I'm out enjoying life, it helps me be the random, creative self that makes me who I am, but sheesh, I wish it could leave me alone for this next week. But I guess I'm already deviating off my intended course--darn you ADHD!!

Now, I have some great stuff in mind right now. I will be getting my drawing tablet back again soon, so I am looking forward to trying some new media ideas. I want to do another "Endometriosis Myths and Facts" entry, and I really need to do more dietary entries. Recently, I have become aware of the extremely diverse effects of diet on women with endometriosis, and I want to go through all of the potential causes of troubles. Last thing I want is to have incomplete information on an important issue. But, unfortunately, my rocket-ship-of-colliding-doom will not let me off for a 1-2 hour stop. In fact, the tail fire is beginning to burn my pant leg as I type.

So, while I am thrilled by the awesome number of views my blog as received this past week, I cannot follow up with an equally thrilling post today. My time and mental capacity is just not up to my previous level of awesomeness (1,000 views! So exciting--I'm hoping that means the sleep therapy is a good idea! Thank you everyone!). Instead, I am forced to thank you for dropping by and to please look forward to my updated blog after I have completed the requirements of my scholarly pursuits. I appreciate your time and hope to reward your support with a satisfactory, future entry.

Oh, no, my ride is pulling me aaawwwwwaaaayyyyyyyy!


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