Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeopathic Growth

I must say I am so excited about some upcoming articles I have planned for this site. I'm almost ready to do a post on accessible fashion for days where pain can prevent endometriosis women from wearing 'trendy', tighter clothing. I am also reading some various literature to do another myths and facts of endometriosis entry.

But for today, here is what I am really excited about: I got a small promotion at my job. It's not huge, but considering I am trying to finish school before pursuing a full time job, this is a great fit for me. I am going to be helping people find the natural remedies they need to feel good--something I have always loved doing. My new position is in the homeopathic department and I am thus learning a plethora of information on natural remedies. And not just what I need to know for the job. I'm reading studies and reviews, trying to understand mechanisms and methods, and whatever basis I can gather for how and why these remedies work. And, the most exciting aspect of all this, is how I am going to pass it along to my readers.

Curious? Well, let me give a tiny (more personally applicable) example. I am prone to anxiety. I think most women with endometriosis are (it's certainly a trend I've seen and read about in studies). Whether it is the pain that leads to a slightly less stable ability to cope with unexpected events or the tumultuous hormones, women with endometriosis are more likely to have comorbid (i.e., co-occurring) emotional/mood conditions. Mostly I use yoga and my dog (animal support therapy is amazing and I should really write about that as well). However, lately there have been so many horrendous stresses, I have not been able to fight it and have been experiencing night terrors and panic attacks. And, if you understand the effects of stress, you will know that it compounds the experience of pain and can lead to increased inflammation. So, all my endometriosis pains (especially in relation to nerve damage and scar tissue) have started to flare up.

Rather than return to some sort of mood medication, I chose to go the homeopathic route. I have always been a fan of using more common herbal remedies and know enough about the body now to fully understand the effects of these remedies. Additionally, the last time I was on actual mood medications, I became extremely flat. Neither anxious nor sad nor unhappy or happy--just kind of there.  So I refused to go that route again and began investigating different homeopathic remedies. I found two. (Note: I use a combination of Western and Eastern Medicine. I do not exalt one over the other. Please do not take this as a message to abandon conventional medicine. Just, in some cases, I prefer natural remedies).

In homeopathic medicine, there are two main administration alternatives: combination remedies and single remedies. Combination remedies are created by homeopathic pharmacies and combine different, but similar, homeopathic remedies into a sort of 'homeopathic cocktail'. For example, I have been using Hylands Calme Forte, which have various remedies such as Passiflora, Avena Sativa, Chamomile, etc., combined together to address various aspects of anxiety, stress, and unrestful sleep. I can take 2-3 at night for those nights where I am too agitated to sleep, or one during the day to settle my nerves (if needed). (For more info: Calms Forte Sleep Aid - 100 Tablets) I also purchased Kali Phosphoricum pellets, which is well suited for stress derived from worry and agitation, especially for young adults (I believe the 12-30 range, but don't quote me on that). (For more info: Kali phosphoricum - Multidose Tube-7C)See, each of these address different sources and different aspects of stress. Homeopathic medicine is more about addressing sources and being preventive in regards to negative symptoms. Not only is the benefit of specific targeting, but also the reduction in negative side-effects and toxicity. And, best of all, my panic attacks have pretty much disappeared without that negative flat effect.

I want to pass my increasing knowledge about these medicines onto my readers. Because while there are thousands of sites that mention herbal/natural/homeopathic remedies, I want to pass on information in regards  to the chronic conditions discussed hear. How they help individual symptoms and relate them specifically to endometriosis, gut conditions, optimism, and mood dysfunction. It can be confusing to sort through all the information out there. Furthermore, some sites are more concerned about boosting visitors and users of their products than distributing both the good and bad effects/information on the remedies they suggest. I hope I can do both.

I will only be an amateur homeopath--I am not licensed, I am not a doctor, and I ask that any readers take what I say with a grain of salt and they should seek out their own investigations. But I look forward to providing a launching pad.

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