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The Scar Solution

First, I know it's been quite a while since my last post. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and my overall production slowed to a halt. However, she had her bilateral mastectomy this weekend and I finally feel ready to focus again. Thank you very much for your patience and I hope you enjoy today's post!

This post can apply to anyone. Women with endometriosis will likely especially find it useful, but it is a useful thing for anyone. Useful because, well, everyone has at least one scar. Most people have many. I had too many, and this post is about the scar solution I finally found after years of frustrating let downs.

After several surgeries, my abdomen has become littered with insertion scars, some which are especially knotty and painful. Some formed into hypertrophic scars, which are raised scars within the original boundaries of the injury with increased deposits of collagen, and a few even developed into keloids, which are painful scars that expand past the original boundary with type III collagen being reconstituted with type I collagen. Basically, it is collagen gone wild. Feeling a little shy in a bathing suit was not a huge deal, but the pain and discomfort these scars caused was more than undesirable.

I had tried quite a few common scar treatments, such as a vitamin E and mederma, but they did not help. There was slight improvement with weeks of steady use of mederma, but it would all revert back if I stopped using it for even a week. Not to mention a tube costs about $30, which is a lot of money for something that does not work. Now that I am actually working with homeopathy, I did some research on tissue regeneration and found some interesting results. I wanted to find a scar solution that incorporated what I had found and a co-worker recommended I try a product we sold. I did, and HOLY COW, this stuff really works!

It is called Scar Repair, by Kuumba Made, and I am unbelievable happy for this stuff. I tested the salve out on a particularly large scar from my reconstructive shoulder surgery. The insertion was on my birthmark (a Port Wine Stain or henamgioma birth mark, where the skin is a little different) and it turned into a large keloid. The next day (not week, day), the scar was half the size. I bought the small tub (1 oz) for about five dollars and began using it on my painful abdomen scars. The results have not been quite as dramatic as the effects on my shoulder keloid (as it was not particularly dense collagen, just far expanded), but I have been watching and feeling the scars on my belly slowly shrink and decrease in pain. It actually works.

How does it work? Scar Repair contains a combination of essential oils and herbs that are all known to have various healing aspects and work well together to fix the scarring. For example, one of the ingredients is helichrysum. This herb stimulates tissue regeneration due to its unique di-ketones (a chemical the coaxes the cells into repair). Another key ingredient is yarrow, an herbal astringent, which most effectively helps if used soon after the original injury, greatly reducing later scarring. The remedy also contains chamomile for the inflammation, aloe vera for better absorption, and calendula, an amazingly effective healing herb. There is a lot more about its ingredients on the company's webpage, but I think the product is a little pricey on their site and recommend looking for it locally.

Before I found this product, I was planning on having eventual plastic surgery for my shoulder scar. That's how well this stuff works. I have not recommended a particular product on this site before, but this time it just has to be said! Because I am sure many other people have spent lots of money trying to ease the appearance and physical pain that can come from intense scarring. I'm glad to have finally found a real solution that did not burn a hole in my wallet. Plus, it works on any kind of scarring--acne, chicken pox, skinned knees--all of it!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your patience with me--I look forward to resuming my faithful weekly writing, now that I have a better head on my shoulders. Hope to hear if anyone else gives this great scar solution a try!


  1. I have not tried it for acne scars personally, but a coworker of mine did and she loved it. I am recommending it to friends for the same purpose, hope it helps!

  2. do you think it would work for stretch marks?

    1. Yes, a coworker once told me she used this and another product (I will try and track it down) and it worked for her.

  3. Where can I get this product ( Kuumba Made Scar Repair) at Dhaka, Bangladesh Market ? Pleas Let me Know if any one know the address to get at Dhaka.

    1. I will see what I can do about tracking this down, but do you have the option of online ordering?

  4. This formula will improve any skin damage, including scars, burns, and stretch marks. Some have seen results in as little as two months on severly damaged skin. get rid of c section scar

  5. Before a man utilizes this gel, in any case, he or she should sit tight for the careful cut to recuperate totally. An unhealed cut may even now be in danger for contamination. After the injury is mended, be that as it may, individuals should utilize a silicon-based gel at the earliest opportunity.Top 5 best scar gels


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