Thursday, May 22, 2014

Getting Dressed can really Help!

When I am having a bad pain or emotional day, sometimes I merely want to sink into my mattress and disappear under the feather down of my comforter. It can take a lot of willpower, a tenacious dog, and sometimes a phone call or two to get me to relinquish those minutes/hours/days of rest, relaxation, and pain minimization.

However, I can grudgingly admit that no matter how long I stay in bed, when I finally emerge from the dark cave of my bedroom, I am still in the same state I was when I entered. Fatigued, in pain, emotionally exhausted. As nice as the retreat from reality is, it is not very helpful when it comes to solving the problem I am escaping.

Now, to be clear, I am not talking about much needed rest that comes from intense events (surgery, burst cyst, Crohn's flair, work stress, etc.). Sometimes everyone needs a bit of time and a break to reset their 'world'. I am talking about the excessive bed rest and hiding that I do from time to time when I feel overwhelmed. The procrastination of life that I facilitate by hiding beneath my covers.

Did you know that our brain is heavily influenced by small cues and events? Things as small as brushing your teeth and washing your face at night can help cue your body that it is time for sleep. In turn, brushing your teeth, showering, getting dressed in the morning, can help cue your body that it is time to face the day. And it will help rally resources to cope with the stressors of life when you do so.

Little things like doing my hair, putting on real clothes (not pajamas), even a sweat suit, can help prep my mind to better face the problems that I face. For example, even when I was on bed rest for six weeks straight, I tried to do my make up every so often. It helped me stay more positive, more 'in the world', and it increased my ability to handle stress.

Our body and minds are in tune with the routines of our life. Why do you think daylight savings screws everyone up so much!? We are creatures of habits, and our habits set a stage for us.

If you have not experienced this for yourself, I do not blame you for being skeptical. But I will challenge you. Please, for one week, try putting effort into your morning routines. Whether it be combing your hair, tidying your home, or a brief routine of exercise, try doing tasks that help you in the real world. I think you will be surprised how your body and mind react.

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  1. so needed this today! Still in my pj's:)


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