Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Experiment

A few months ago I began to question, rather intensely, the truth behind my Crohn's and my intolerance to gluten/wheat. I went from moderate inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerations and internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract) to almost no inflammation after quitting gluten for a year. Some doctors even began to question my original diagnosis, as different specialists will disagree on the accuracy of 'triggers' in relation to IBD. With the inflammation gone, they began throwing around skeptical questions of 'coincidence' and 'hysterics' and other lovely invalidations. Conveniently ignoring the colonoscopies and biopsies that led to the diagnosis in the first place. But I also began to question it. I question myself rather often so I suppose it should not be a surprise that I became suspicious.

The primary concern I had was that my wheat flour response is 'dose dependent'. Meaning that my pain, inflammation, and symptoms are related to the amount of gluten/wheat I consumed. I can sometimes even eat regular teriyaki sauce and be okay (a very small ingredient in soy sauce types is wheat). Someone with celiacs would not be able to handle such exposure. Crohn's is different than celiacs, but it's definitely not well understood. Maybe I was being dramatic? Maybe I was wrong to believe I had a specific trigger?

So, the other day, we decided to do a small 'experiment'. A way to establish if I had been unnecessarily limiting my entire diet for the past three years. I took a bite of a pierogi. My boyfriend is Polish and the scent of his grandmother's pierogies was driving me batty. So, on a spur, I asked if I could take a bite. I rationalized to him and myself that it would be a good test, to eat a dumpling wrapped in wheat flour dough. Much more flour than I had had in years.

I took a small bite.

A small bite.

Oh, heavens be kind, by Great Odin's Beard, it was just a small bite!

In between quiet sobs and symptoms that I do not wish to attach to my name, I am going to say that the experiment was a success of sorts. I need to learn to trust my 'gut'.

I can't eat wheat.


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