Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Developing an Exercise Plan for Chronic Pain

Today I tried to search for an exercise plan for people with chronic pain, something for me to follow and improve my fitness, and I could not find anything. I found the occasional webpage with suggested exercise for individuals with chronic pain, but not any real plans for improvement.

Before I got sick, I would follow triathlon training regimens and track my weight lifting/running distances and improve day by day. But following a training plan like that today would likely catapult myself straight into a flare. And I doubt many of my readers would benefit from a plan like that, despite the numerous options available to them online.

So, starting this week, I am going to start developing a 10-week fitness plan designed for individuals with chronic pain. I'll only be using my experience in fitness appreciation and biology/anatomy/physiology, so take it with a grain of salt. But I hope that I can put together a plan that gives realistic, healthy progression for people in pain. The idea will be to meet the weekly recommendations for fitness without compromising the limitations that pain puts on exercise. It will be designed with the goal of self improvement and minimization of pain in mind. And, there will be multiple levels of difficulty built in so people on different ends of the spectrum can benefit.

I'm posting this now because I would love to hear feedback, input, ideas, suggestions, etc., for this project. As I release each week's plan, I would also appreciate it if people could spread the word, share the plan, and, most importantly, give it a try!


  1. An exercise plan for chronic pain sounds awesome. I keep trying to exercise but it usually ends in: One day exercising, three weeks feeling terrible...

    1. I'm glad :). I'm taking an online personal training course to help me design the plan so it can be as good as possible. If it gains more interest/momentum, I'll try and get some volunteer athletic trainer/physical therapist involvement. I'd LOVE to be able to help design a plan that becomes a common tool for people in pain. I really hate that most doctors will just say, 'well, you could try this 'such and such' exercise,' with no real plan for execution or growth.

      Glad you are excited!

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