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Health Care

I've been working on a series of posts to share in an orderly/semi-regular way these past few months. For those unaware, I am working to further my education and obtain a more advanced degree. Studying while working, dealing with my ever changing health, and trying to write a book, has kept me more busy than I know how to cope with! I am really looking forward to working with everyone that has expressed interest in the site though, and I am looking forward to the improvements they bring!

Despite the lack of time for more formal posts, I will be sharing some more informal information as often as I can. For Americans particularly, I am concerned about changes in health care and want to offer what information/support I can. If this looks familiar, I am sharing these words as often as I can.


To everyone that has experienced anxiety regarding the political climate: Please take care of yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. Try to do something nice for yourself.

Many Americans with chronic conditions are frightened about the possible effects this election cycle will have on their health care. Regardless of who you voted for, the truth is that those with chronic illness and disabilities are often lost in the cracks for acceptable health care. You are not alone.

Take deep breaths. Take stock of your location and your state's current options/plans. Many communities have *free* charities/non-profits that provide assisting services. They can help you with your immediate needs. They can provide you information to help you with coverage for this upcoming year.

I cannot comfortably make any statements about what changes are coming for health care in America. I don't know what plans the House, Senate, or President Elect have.

I do know that changes are certainly coming. I can't say which or how or why--only that the current design does not have long term feasibility without restructuring and political cooperation. We cannot even know if the current design could work due to congressional starving, and we do not know if a future plan will work either. There is going to be change.

Change also means opportunities. You do not have to quietly surrender to a future without care. Look up your state/local representatives. Call them. Write them. Tell them of your concerns. Sign petitions that address your concerns. Use peaceful and safe methods to rally those around you to your cause. Try not to get lost in party lines. Whether your representatives 'represent' your politics or not, they were elected to represent *everyone*. Tell them how their policies and/or votes affect *you*.

You cannot succeed if you do not try. You can choose to reject helplessness by taking action. And if you struggle valiantly, you have won at least one battle.

Those who are not at risk for losing your health care, please be aware and considerate of risks others are facing. If you support change, try to advocate/support change that does not leave others without care. If you support those in office, but maybe not all their plans for health policies, let them know. It is empowering to be involved in the political process. And regardless of the current climate's effect on you, it is always possible to be on the other side.

My page/site/email have and always will be a place for people struggling. For those faced with challenges, illness, depression, and/or pain, I will do my best to offer comfort and information. I might be limited in what I can do, but I try my best to offer what I can to anyone that needs it. I do not care where you live, who you vote for, or who you support. I care about you and will do my best to pass on my knowledge and compassion.


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