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I love science, reading, and writing. But most of all I love brains. When I realized how much I loved the body and brains, I knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I majored in Neuropsychology and ended up working in wound healing research for about 8 years now. Currently, I work in wound healing research, and my past/current experience has involved vaccine development, disease, genetics, and writing/statistical applications. In the near future, I am working towards graduate school in the medical sciences, continuing work in publication writing and furthering progress in diagnostics and treatments. Work and school keep me busy! I volunteer my free time working with youth and writing/developing for this site! 
My hobbies include reading, writing, yoga, cycling, drawing, hiking/camping, singing, ice hockey, and snowboarding. Sometimes my body isn't very cooperative with it all. But somehow I manage to do the things I love at least some of the time. For that, I try my best to be grateful for the things I have done and will continue to strive for. I believe in positive thinking and the ability to shape your life. I find love to be a better tool than hate, and loving yourself and others goes a long way to make a good life. I am an advocate for active, patient involved health management and active listening to the body. My body and I fight a lot, but we still seem to get along through many things. 

As a reminder, please remember: the information shared on this page and site is meant for informational purposes only, and should not be referred to for medical advice or diagnostic purposes. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional, and I always recommend seeking medical advice for care and treatment decisions. My professional research and publications are separate from this site, which is a 100% volunteer-passion-project. I am always eager to offer support, encouragement, and education.

Have questions? Suggestions? Wish to contact me? Email me at BedHead@BedRiddenHead.com.

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Contact me at bedhead@bedriddenhead.com

About The BedRiddenHead

I want to be happy. And this site is about that chance. How to strive to thrive in the body I've got and maybe turn my experiences into something worthwhile.

This site aims to help educate and reach out to people all over that struggle with pain or illness. To try and make something helpful. I work as a medical research writer, my background is in neuropsychology and biology, and I want to share what I learn in a way that is easy to understand. I am not a doctor. I'm definitely not your doctor. I am just some lady who wants to make someone's (anyone's) life a little bit better. Whether you have endometriosis, a chronic injury, a struggling friend, or just want to learn something new, I hope to make a place that has what you are looking for.

Thank you for stopping by, I wish you strength in your health and happiness.