Helpful Tips

(This list is a work in progress, so please check back to see what else has been added.)

  1. If you need a basic, little bit of biology of the disease overview (Average Joe's Guide-Endo)
    1. I try to make this in easy to understand language--learn about endometriosis 
  2. Causes of Endometriosis (Causes of Endo)
    1. It can help to know the causes of the disease. Endometriosis is hypothesized to be caused partially by genetics (proclivity to retrograde menstruation, compromised immune system, etc.) and partially by environment (toxins, xenoestrogens, etc.) 
  3. A Carefully Planned Diet (Foods I Eat, Foods I Avoid)
    1. Vitamin Supplements: Vitamin B complex, Vitamins C and E, Magnesium, and Flaxseed Oil (also Calcium and Vitamin D)
    2. Eat only organic (no hormone additives) meats and dairy and only organic (no pesticides) fruits and vegetables. When eating meat, eat more poultry and fish, and less red meats. 
    3. Cut out gluten (see above link and this one--Bob's Red Mill)
    4. Avoid Sugar--it increases pain (How Sour Sugared Gummi Bears Ruined my Week)
    5. Stick to your Diet (Free From Pain
      1. Having a complicated diet makes dangerous foods all the more tempting. Have a plan that helps you stick to your diet and avoid pain inducing foods.
  4. Explore Methods and Treatments besides Western Medicine
    1. Western medicine is critical for management, but it can also be a bit like using a sledge hammer. Talk to your doctor about additional methods to seek to restore balance to your body, not just bandage it (Know You're Body)
  5. Laugh Often (The Importance of Laughter
    1. Look up funny pictures online, watch a funny movie with friends, etc..; this helps lessen pain and combat depression (which is difficult with wacky hormones) 
    2. Here's some funny links I have on my own site: Endometriosis is Related to Extra-Sensory Perception--April Fools; The Angry Uterus
  6. Be Aware of the Link between Depression and Endometriosis
    1. Many women with endometriosis do not realize their proclivity for depression. Try to fight it off and be prepared for how it invades your life; learn tips and techniques to manage both
    2. Understand the medical connection between Major Depression and Chronic Pain (Chronic Pain and Depression--A brief Review); both utilize many of the same mechanisms in our bodies, so having one *vastly* increases your risk for the other!
    3. Please take a look at the 3 parts series I did on Endometriosis and Depression, for more information (Part 1Part 2Part 3)
    4. Asserting control in your life can help you maintain a healthy grip on your mentality (Your Own Control; How to Take Control
  7. Exercise Frequently (Benefits of Biking
    1. Many forms of exercise help reduce adhesions, limit implants, and reduce pain perception
  8. Work with your Spouse/Significant Other 
    1. Do not let ignorant people lead you to believe that you do not deserve a full/loving relationship (Endo Ignorance)  
      1. If you are sexually active, endometriosis could make intimacy difficult. Talk to your spouse and find ways to compromise and still keep your intimacy strong.
      2. If you are a virgin, endometriosis's effect on your future love life can be a constant worry in your mind. Do not engage yourself with men who are unwilling to work with your disease. If you love him enough to have sex, he should love you enough to compromise. 
      3. If you are waiting until marriage, discuss the problems/limitations you may have because of endometriosis with your future possible spouse. Make sure he understands and discuss ways you are willing to compromise. Do not leave this until after the marriage vows. 
  9. Be Assertive about your Disease
    1. Do not let others tell you how you should or should not be feeling--whereas friends/family trying to uplift you is one thing, there is often a lot of ignorance about the disease and well-meaning intentions can leave you hurt. 
    2. Be prepared how to explain it to friends/bosses/romantic interests (How to Explain Endometriosis--Made Easy
  10. Be Okay with Your Different Life (Alternate Route)
    1. This doesn't mean cave into the pain and give up. It means to keep trying but to still accept yourself for who you are. Do not let your limitations lead you to believe you are unworthy.
    2. Love your body for how it is--try to improve it, yes, but do not constantly berate your body with negative feelings/comments. It's the only one you've got (Love Your Body
  11. Pets can Help (Funny Dogs)
    1. Helps to lower your blood pressure, improve health, fight off depression, etc.. 
  12. There are always silver linings with your situation
    1. I'm glad I found my immediate silver linings, they're different for everyone. Try to think about the good things happening right now because of endometriosis 
  13. Take an active role in your health
    1. Make sure you are always prepared for doctor's visits
Gastrointestinal Diseases
  1. If you need a basic, little bit of science overview of Ulcerative Colitis (Average Joe's Guide-IBD)
  2. Be Cautious of Prednisone (Prednisone can Equal Pneumonia
    1. Prednisone is pretty dangerous; use only when necessary. Immediate and long term consequences are dangerous. 
  3. Gums can Tip Off a Flare (Colitis and Gums)
    1. When trying to determine if bowel symptoms are because of a flare, check out your gums/mouth. Swollen gums and mouth ulcers can be valuable signs. 
  4. What disease do you have?
    1. I was misdiagnosed several times with various inflammatory bowel diseases--if you have symptoms beyond IBS, try to figure out what they could mean and seek a diagnosis (Functional Colonic Disease
    2. I was misdiagnosed--again! It appears that I may have some form of Crohn's that has been responding very well to my gluten free diet--the inflammation ceased once I stopped eating wheat. Will write about it when the right time comes. 

Remember: Feeling sick is awful and hard to endure. But the struggles you/your loved one/your friend are/is enduring is meaningful. She/he will become stronger and more empathetic through these challenges. Never forget that the suffering is NEVER MEANINGLESS (I almost did

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